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As a first-generation refugee youth, whose parents left Uganda when I was five because of political unrest, I had always been on a journey to find myself. Life in the United States had always left me torn between two cultures that never fully accepted me. I never felt American enough because I ha ....
The e'kubo Project is aprogram that is geared to improving the quality of life of individuals in developing nations by providing cross cultural learning exchanges. our purpose is not only to change the lives of those we serve but to expose those serving to new experiences in the hope that it expands ....
Vision and Mission
Our vision is to bring about social change to our target communities with the aim to not only instill a strong sense of  identity in members of our United States communitiy, but also to improve livelihoods of our ancestral  communities in Africa. Our mission is to implement projects desig ....
The team
Our team is composed of professional people with various experiences in different sectors of work but passionate about changing and creating better life styles for the community especially when it comes to health in uganda.  
General information
We offer Volunteer Aboard/Study Aboard trips year round. Our trips include room/board with various social and fun activties. What is different about our community is we dont just want you to travel to Uganda, but to also give back in the process. 
Get involved
Donations of any size aid the mission and vision of E'kuboproject. volunteer and intern opportunities are aslo available throughout the year. Email us at
Join us
Have you ever wanted to travel internationally?Are you adventurous or do you aspire to get out of your comfort zone and try something completely different than ever before? our trips are two in one .Each trip combines our core values education, empowerment and enrichment . you get the once in a life ....

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